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Doug Campbell, Presents Confessions of a Yo-Yo Trader


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What H & R Members had to say

When I first heard that Doug Campbell was presenting a class called Confessions of a  Yo-Yo Trader  I thought to myself I would attend as Doug always has a wonderful presentation, thinking to myself that this wouldn’t pertain to me.   Five minutes into the presentation my jaw dropped and I got the same feeling I have when I go to church once in every five years and somehow the  preacher must have got wind I was going to be sitting in the pew that Sunday and had a special sermon just for me.  I sunk back into my chair and thought Doug must have written this just for me …..  I listened to every word and knew at the end of the  presentation that I had to make some changes.    I executed  once change the very next day and taking new steps every day to improve, realizing sometimes less is more. – Cathy

Wish I had seen this presentation years ago, it would have saved me thousands

Described the pitfalls of the average trader and how to get out of the rut

If I heard it once I heard it a dozen times last night   “Doug, you are describing me to a T”

What an outstanding webinar Doug, Thank You for your time and insight. I was able to listen to the video recording yesterday…Powerful

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