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Live Trading Alerts (LTA)

I used LTA to scan through hundreds of stocks this weekend and picked out three to trade: PYPL, TGT and ZS. Quality patterns and with my trading, up 24%, 7% and 12%.... this program is gold.

Malcolm M

Awesome program! I bought a stock 4/2 and sold it today for a $332 gain.

Joe W.

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Game Changer:  Live Trading Alerts is a tool that saves a trader's time, focuses their attention onto the few stocks/ETFs (at any given second of the day) that exhibit EXACTLY the behavior (price pattern, signal and movement) a trader desires.

No flipping through charts,

no waiting for someone to recommend a chart,

no missing trades or uncertainty about when to act

...just actionable, real-time alerts of specific trade setups.


No matter what trading success you've had in the past, LTA will help you…

  • Know when any of your positions are breaking down
  • Know when any of your watchlist tickers break out
  • See exactly who's in control (Bulls or Bears) at any moment
  • Identify unusual volume flows
  • Find patterns and signals on Intraday and Daily timeframes
  • Find the breakouts and breakdowns before the crowd

Whether you're a Bull or a Bear, a Day-Trader or a Swing-Trader, LTA can improve your trading!


I love this scanner -- made $460 this week on MYGN

Bob S.

LTA saves a ton of time!

Walter T

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